• Lamar G. Thomas

Real Time Vehicle Tracking

The phrase real time vehicle tracking relates to the GPS tracking systems installed in many commercial fleets of vehicles around the world. It is now true that many vehicles are being tracked for a variety of reasons and benefits.

These benefits include:

1) Lower insurance premiums.

2) Lower diesel and petrol costs.

3) Increased security.

4) Greater control over staff costs.

5) Greater control over mobile workers.

6) Increased efficiency.

7) Increased safety of your staff.

Complete overview of multiple factors relating to your vehicles and plant equipment.

9) The ability to make your fleet more environmentally friendly.

These benefits are all possible via tracking systems. The systems are often referred to as real time vehicle tracking systems due to the fact that they monitor and display the whereabouts and other information about vehicles in real time. In other words live.

Tracking relies on satellites and the mobile phone network to bring you this information. A GPS vehicle tracking device fitted in each vehicle communicates with the satellites to ascertain the exact location of the device. This information is then communicated to a central computer via the mobile phone network.

The most common use of GPS tracking is to track cars, vans and trucks, but another increasingly popular use of tracking is to track plant equipment. Plant equipment has always been a target for thieves and this trend is not slowing down. Plant tracking considerably increases the chances of you recovering such equipment in the case of it being stolen.

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